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Black tiger shrimp
Black tiger shrimp
Raw Headless
Block Frozen
Head-On Semi
Raw-Peeled & Deveined Tail-Off IQF Raw Peeled &
Deveined Tail-On
& Tail-Off IQF
Cooked Peeled &
Deveined Tail-On & IQF
Cooked Peeled & Deveined Tail-Off IQF
2/4 - 41/50
1/2 - 13/15
8/12 - 31/40
13/15 - 31/40
6/8 - 31/40
16/20 - 71/90
13/15 - 71/90
16/20 - 91/110
6x4 lb
6x4 lb
4x5 & 10x2, lb, 10X1 lb
10x1 lb 5x2 lb
5x2 lb IQF
5x2 lb IQF
10x1 lb
5x2 lb
10x1 lb, 5x2 lb IQF

*Custom packs available

Black Tiger Shrimp

Black tigers are the largest and fastest growing of the commercial shrimp species, and can reach up to 1 lb each. Tigers are characterized by the blue-black stripes on their shell. When cooked, the tiger's stripes turn an appealing red, making these shrimp a favorite for shrimp cocktails, and center of-the-plate presentations. Available in a variety of forms, cuts, and sizes, black tiger shrimp can meet all your needs.
  • Private label & custom pack available
  • Food Service/Retail Ready Packaging
  • Farm-Raised & Wild-Caught

Black tiger shrimp preference

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