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Parrot Fish

PARROT FISH (Scaridae spp.)

Considered a delicacy in Asia, Parrot fish is the most succulent of commercial reef fish. Parrot fish has a white, flaky meat with a sweet, mild flavor. As with Emperor fish, Parrot fish is interchangeable in recipes that call for a mild, flaky fish such as Grouper and Snapper.

Ocean Straits Skin-on
Natural Fillet
Pacific Straits Skinless
Portion Cut
4/6 - 12/16 oz
6/8 - 8/10 oz
1 x 10 lb Individually Vacuum Packed

*Custom packs available

  • Private label & custom pack available
  • Food Service
  • Wild-Caught
  • Individually vacuum packed


Parrot fish


Parrot fish


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